Arduaine, Kilmelford and Kilninver

Gallery of photos for the local area

We would like your photos of the local area, particularly:

Soon you will be able to submit photos on-line. For now, please email them to including in the message the copyright owner/photographer's name and attaching the JPG file. If you do not want your name published, please say so clearly.

New photos

We always want new photos. They should be submitted as JPGs, with a minimum size of 600x 800; they should NOT be over-compressed, or "optimized for web", etc. - we will adjust the file size to suit the site.

However, if you do have a photo which is interesting but you don't have the size suggested above, please do submit it anyway.

Panoramic banner photos

The banner photo on the Home page is chosen at random from all suitable photos, and we would love to have more choices available. Photos need to have an aspect ratio of roughly 8:1 (1600x200 is ideal).

Peter Llewellyn
Fiona Wyllie
Peter Pritchett-Brown
Willy Wilson
Eleane Tweedly
Terry Moody