Arduaine, Kilmelford and Kilninver

Kilmelford Church Xplorers group.

Xplorers Sunday December 3rd, 2023

A small group of five,highly energetic, children kept us all active and focused on learning the Lord's Prayer. The words of the first five lines were printed on to cards to be secured to a washing line (badminton net) with wooden cloths pegs; the children had to work out the order they went in.

Alex took us through the meaning of God's Kingdom come with props for the children to act the parts.

Christingles to make and most of the young knew what the symbols represented and a lot of the harvest fruits were consumed before they could be pushed on to the cocktail sticks.

As ever their creative minds set to using much glue and glitters stuck on to cards and the youngest Explorer made a beautiful card using the cut out old Christmas cards, gold stars and a gold pen to write inside to wish the receiver a happy Christmas. The cloth wreath rings were started and cut pieces of remnants taken home to finish as time had slipped by and hunger set in.

Cheddar, crisps and jam and honey sandwiches were rapidly made and consumed with reviving mugs of tea for the grownups before we reassembled on the cushion circle to all say the first five lines of the Lord's Prayer and for Alex to say a concluding prayer.

We closed with all saying The Grace together .Each child and adult was given a wee hand knitted stocking to take home with treats and a Christingle card inside. Children unable to be with us will be given one in the next day or so.

Next Explorers will be on the first Sunday of February the 4th 3pm to 4.30.

Wishing all involved a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Xplorers Sunday 5th November

A very memorable explorer's gathering made by the addition of four visiting children who came along with a local family. They were full of energy and excitement as we sat in the cushion circle to open with a welcome and prayer. The first game of pass the parcel with the first lines of the Lord's Prayer, printed on cards, to be unwrapped and arranged in order on the floor was fast and furious.

Alex's story of Daniel and the Lion's Den held the children's attention while the youngest visitor decided to run and slide across the floor from one side of the circle to the other.

Moving on to the crafts and friendship bracelet making needed more grown-up hands to keep the beads from flying all over the place and the braiding managed. The cardboard box and woodland materials were made into an amazing lion's den as each child added their ideas and painted cardboard cut out lions to prowl round the scene.

No photos taken at the time as all adults had their hands full but the scene has been put into Kilmelford church.

A much needed refreshment time with Alex making jammy and Nutella pieces as quick as they were eaten. Victoria's valuable help to make drinks and prevent spillages. Packets of cheddar consumed before a final circle, closing prayer and all saying the Grace together.

Antoinette and Ren took their charges home and Alex and Georgina swept up. A bright and noisy session, no tears or tempers , high excitement and we were left with a definite feeling that God was with us.

Explorers Sunday 1st October, 2023

Georgina Dalton

Explorers _ Listening to God.

Our welcome circle included a family of three children who have come to live in the Glebe and it was good to see their reserve start melting as they enjoyed the craft activities and later sandwich making.

We started by all welcoming each other in our cushion circle and Steve lead with the Lord's Prayer.

We continued with our theme of prayer and Steve played the story of Moses and the burning Bush on his lap top. The volume was rather low so the children sat in rapt attention in order to hear. Silent too!

But that soon changed with many giggles during a game of Chinese whispers. Steve was given a crash course in pom-pom making as all adult extra hands were needed. The bright colours of wool wrapped round the cardboard rings and cut to look like burning bushes.

A frieze burning Bush was made by glueing flames of bright crepe and gold foil sparks and this will be put up in the church.

We all signed a card of thank you to Steve and Chris as, sadly for us, they are moving to be nearer their family. The children glued a crepe burning Bush on the front and a copy of the Lord's Prayer on the back to remind him of the happy times we had together, hoping he will remember us with fondness.

Next Xplorers Sunday 5th November Kilmelford Village Hall 3pm to 4.30. All welcome