Arduaine, Kilmelford and Kilninver

Kilmelford and Kilninver Community Council

Community Council meetings are held in Kilmelford Village Hall.

Public meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every alternate month, at 8pm in Kilmelford Village Hall.

Meeting dates for 2020 suspended pending the Coronavirus impact

Main (Public) Meetings 8 pm TUESDAYS 11th February in The Knipoch Hotel, Kilninver

7th April

2nd June

4th August

6th October

1si December

Interim Meetings 7-8 pm THURDSDAYS 9th January

12th March

7th May

9th July

3rd September

5th November

Kilninver and Kilmelford Community Council Contact List

David Wilkie

Ardrowan, Kilmelford
Tel: 01852 200256

Roanna Clark

Vice Convenor
The Lodge, Kilmelford
Tel: 01852 200268

Alison J Rentoul (Jane)

Laroch, Kilmelford
Tel: 01852 200331

Gill Philpotts

Minutes Secretary
Ar-Sgorag, Scammadale
Tel: 01852 316018

Stuart Cannon

Kames Bay, Kilmelford
Tel: 01852 200205

Jamie McAndrew

Kames Beag, Kilmelford
Tel: 01852 200286

Louisa Llewellyn

Bragleenbeg House
Tel: 01852 316283

Argyll & Bute Council Contact List

Julie McKenzie

There is no agenda available yet for the next meeting.

The following minutes are DRAFT form only, and will be reviewed at the next council meeting. 2020-02 DRAFT

Note that formatting issues are possible during the conversion from the official minutes to the Web presentation.