Arduaine, Kilmelford and Kilninver

Church Annexe



Kilmelford Church stands on a site which has been a focus for community worship since the time of St. Maelrubha around 691. It is testament to the place of our little church at the heart of the village that worshippers and visitors still gather here today.

The people living in our parish expect the Church to be there for regular worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals, the observance of Remembrance Day and other community events.

The day to day role of the Church in the community is not always obvious, but greatly appreciated over the years by many locals and visitors alike, whether church-goers or not, who have been shown care and concern in a quiet and unobtrusive way in their time of difficulty and need.

The present building was re-built in 1790, thoroughly renovated in 1890 and stonework, rose window, timber, lighting and heating all renovated as a result of fundraising 16 years ago. At that time many who responded to the successful appeal for monies asked when would a toilet be installed, there never having been one. It has been a constant refrain ever since.

An enthusiastic group has been working away to bring the Church up to date in this regard and is now at the stage of fundraising to provide the new construction of an annexe providing a light and airy meeting room which will include local history and heritage information. This will also provide extra space for weddings and funerals along with socialising around church services and functions generally, while the church sanctuary remains in its present form. The much improved access for wheelchair users and disabled toilet facility will ensure 21st century facilities whilst maintaining the peaceful element of the adjoining existing church building.

Your generous support of this exciting project will bring us closer to the new building rising to show the world that church life in Kilmelford is very much alive and flourishing.

Registered Charity: Netherlorn (Church of Scotland)

Scottish Charity No. SCO02458